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Re: looper vs storyteller. if there even is

Anders Bergdahl schrieb:
> But WHY do we feel that some music tells a STORY, there are no narrative 
> elements, we clearly mean something else than a story in a book, don't 
> SORRY I do like to read philosophy, Wittgenstein and that type of stuff. 
> I feel that we use story in a very loose an undefined we, are we playing 
> the same game?

I think we do play in the same game. A story made with words is 
basically creating a timeline of pictures by describing what happened in 
words (the meaning doesn't create a story, it helps to understand, at 
its best).
A musical story can create a timeline of feelings, which I would call a 
story as well. It could also create pictures by association which tells 
a story. This story might be very different between listeners, and might 
also be different for the musician.
It seems a story made out of words is fixed and everybody perceives the 
same story, but that is a complete illusion if you think about it...
Simply listen to the classics of musical story telling like Smetanas 
Vltava... I think its pretty evidently story telling...


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