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Re: Live 8 Beta Looper and Mainstage together - first impressions

> Warren Sirota wrote:
> I've been having a lot of trouble getting either Mobius or
> SooperLooper AUs to work properly within Mainstage. Mainstage
> seems to get flummoxed easily by too many midi streams
> floating around (esp once i then open MAX).

It took me a while to figure out a stable Mainstage setup. I've tested 
multiple setups using Mainstage as master, or slave, in combination with 
3rd party AU plugins such as Augustus and Bidule and a LP1. For example, I 
had Mainstage synced to an external clock and I had Augustus Loop running 
on a Mainstage bus. Mainstage or Augustus usually crashed, and I initially 
thought that it had to do with using 3rd party AU plugin's on a bus (some 
Logic forums had reported similar issues). But the solution was to switch 
off the "send midi clock" preference in Augustus. I have done a similar 
test with my LP1:
1) create a new loop
2) LP1 starts sending midi clock
3) within a minute, Mainstage crashed as soon as it detected multiple midi 
clocks (Augustus in this case)

But now I know how to fix it, Mainstage has been very stable. I like the 
concept of it, and it's pretty straightforward to use. I'm currently 
working on creating new sounds and the integration of Bidule and 
Mainstage; I have it up and running, and I'm trying to create a kind of 
semi-random Soundscape/Ambient sounds with it. I must say that it's pretty 
cool to see Bidule as AU plugin on a Mainstage bus but I'm not sure if 
this is the way to go. For example, I don't know if you can still control 
a Bidule audio switcher using program changes. Does Mainstage forward PC's 
to plugins? Any suggestions are welcome :)


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