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Re: Music a story or something else - WAS looper vs storyteller. if there even is

On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 8:13 PM, Anders Bergdahl
<anders_e_bergdahl@hotmail.com> wrote:
> I basically agree, but the very basic difference is that music speaks to
> emotions directly bypassing our language. II think we might do music a
> disservice by saying that we create stories we need to understand that 
> can be wordless. I'm not sure but I think that Evans, Jarret et al does 
> think stories. I only REALLY know how i improvise and i seldom try say
> something, i might start out with a mood or sound that want to explore 
> then i start playing and try to react to what i hear and it quite often 
> up being rather different than i thought it would. I recently saw Mike
> Landau and he really painted with guitar, much closer to visual than
> narrative art. I cant really ever say that instrumental music ever made 
> think of a narrative or story, pictures developing and changing, like a
> film. Maybe the music, film, pictures could be seen as a sort of "story"
> and I'm tempted to say that some music is a journey from one place to
> another, one picture after another and yeas i can give the jorney a name 
> perhaps invent a narrative or story around it.
> I like to think of instrumental music as abstract art, it is what it is,
> it's not a picture OF something. A bit like Kandinsky's compositions  the
> are not a picture OF something they are just the puicture

Totally get your point. Of course music is what it is - vibrations.
But when heard, the listener experiences a sort of story. Now, "story"
is just a word. It means that there is something happening over time
in the music and that the music reacts to itself as it evolves.

Also, we are different as social beings. When talking with someone I
tend to listen more to what the person means than to what the person
says. I think I understand others better that way. I go for body
language, attitude and other soft factor expressions rather than the
plain narrative output.

Gotta run now - will dig in an AC/DC like live band tonight.