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Re: please be courteous to the list

Steve wrote:
".while we're talking netiquette, it's still considered shouting by  
most web-users to write things all in capitals on email lists and  
forums......just sayin' ;)"

Actually I do know that Steve and I have made this request three or four 
times this year alone
and was shouting on purpose.   

If I bugged you,  I apologize.

I was just trying to get people's attention, specifically because
speaking in a polite tone of voice over and over doesn't seem to get a 

It's a fascinating phemomenon, though........................without the 
use of HTML
(underlining and bold letters)  there seems no way to be emphatic when 
as in conversation when you are writing online.

I get frustrated with net communication sometimes because I want to be
emphatic but without the use of underlining,   it pushes buttons if
one capitalizes.

If this bothers people here in general,  I'll stop doing it,  I promise.
Let me know.