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Re: Tuning guitar in fifths for wider orchestration options

Mark Fracombe wrote :
 > DO see what you mean Per, and i have had similar experiences in regards to my Piano education. As a kid I was taught from age 4, reading the little black dots, playing the keys.. and learning scales. By age 9 I was grade 8 (UK levels thing... dunno what it means really) and COULD NOT IMPROVISE A NOTE... Found rock and roll, got a guitar, started teaching myself... improvising, and promptly forgot all my piano! ... and have many theory's as to the wrong way of teaching an instrument now...
Mark, as a classical tranied pianist, I can see your point.
This is something I have lived in my experience.
But I had the fortune to have an open-minded piano teatcher (my second teatcher)
and she was so great that at each lesson asked me to let her listen the music I liked.
Keith Jarrett, Erik Satie, Paco De Lucia, Astor Piazzolla, King Crimson, the Fripp' soundscapes...
just to name a few.....this way she stimulated me to follow "my own" interests in music.
So I started to teaching myself other stuff, different from classical music and that's why
nowadays I'm able to improvise (even if i'm not a jazzist !).