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would some of your gurus be kind enough to  take the time educate us with 
a little video using mobius and bidule for ex? for some of us software 
newbies all this talk remains virtual,i dont have bidule i just use 
standalone mobius but i am itching to see how its done,i just want to see 
how it works before buying such software.I find their website not very 
informative and there isnt a demo version totry out!
id really appreciate it people

> that's a latency nightmare.
> In Bidule, no problem to route signal out to LP1 on
> another.
> But as Per points out, that's an extra trip out of the
> pc and back again,
> so that's double latency. 
> Looks like the Onyx only has 2 input channels, so I guess
> you'll
> be running in mono as usual. (or could do post process in
> stereo
> if using the Onyx docking station)
> Would be much more efficient to replace the LP-1 with
> looping software (Mobius).
> > 4)  the least amount of price for the software as well
> (money is a factor)
> Bidule's not expensive.
> If you need to replace your analog distortion and whammy
> ped
> that might cost, but I guess you have that part sussed ;-)
> Oh...and don't forget to use Chopitch pre-loop for a
> 6ft frame drum sound :-)
> > 
> > I will have a Mackie ONYX  Sattelite system to get
> sound in and out of the computer, by the way.
> > 
> >