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Re: Best and worst features

kkissinger@kevinkissinger.com wrote:
> Quoting William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com>:
>> Hello, I would love to hear feedback from anyone  who owns one of the
>> following Loopers.
>> Would you be into providing your perspectives on the 3 Best and Worst
>> aspects of any of these products.
> Hi, I have wanted to respond to this and I haven't yet read any other  
> comments.  I don't want to bias my comments by reading other people's  
> observations.
> I own the LP1 and the RC50.  Here are my observations:
> RC50 Best / Worst features:
> ..skipped..
> RC50 Summary:
> The RC50 is a good all-around, stand-alone looper and master clock  
> source. It has everything you need for looping (pedals, input mixer).  
> It has impeccable sound qualtiy.   Not particularly successful when  
> slaved to MIDI Clock. The ability to control the RC50's functions via  
> MIDI commands is extremely limited.
> No feedback control.

Are your above comments based on early or latest firmware?
My understanding from other threads in here is that Roland/Boss a kinda 
slow to implement features, but also that they did do a few things.

One more thing:  Do you happen to know how the RC-50 is layed out 
internally, meaning if the has one large circuit board, or a separate 
board for the processing, with the buttons arranged on their own?
If possible, I'd be very happy for a pic or a link to an inside pic.
Reason: I'd be interested in mounting the processing part in a smaller 
box, and operate it through MIDI, if possible.

van Sinn