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Re: OT Best Quality Sound Card - Least Amount of Money

> Do the latest M Audio cards really tank heavily when compared to the 
> pricier sound cards?

The difference is much less than the differences between Mic pre-amps.

> Are there PCI cards that sound comparable to more pricey breakout boxes?

M-Audio stuff sounds good enough, and has a very good reputation for 

The old Delta range seems to be available quite cheap these days,
I've been using a Delta-66 for years.

Do new computers still have PCI?

Really, it depends what features you need.
A high quality stereo in/out interface,
or more ins/out.
..or onboard mic pre-amps?

> Is anything made for the Prosumer Gamers of the world that are close in 
> fidelity to
> the most expensive breakout boxes?

highly unlikely