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Re: Best and worst features

At 11:31 PM -0800 2/20/09, William Walker wrote:
>Would you be into providing your perspectives on the 3 Best and Worst
>aspects of any of these products.
>3. Looperlative LP-1

Only *3* best features?!?  Gah!  You're killing me here, Bill.


1.) 8 independent stereo loops with an Undo buffer, which can be 
synced or unsynced to each other in any combination.

2.) Ease of use.  The functions can easily be combined together 
and/or assigned to an external MIDI control device.  In addition, 
MIDI Clock/MMC output is also nicely implemented.

3.) Two sets of extra stereo Aux Outputs.  These can easily be used 
to output a given loop(s) to external devices for processing, while 
re-recording the result (bouncing) to a new track.  Additionally, 
these Aux Outs can allow simple Surround-like effects to be achieved.

4.) (Hah!) Implementation of loop-manipulation tools like Scramble, 
Replace, Reverse, Feedback and Pitch Shift are brilliant.


Uhhhh, I'm going to have to stretch for this....

1.) Not really self-contained.  Design requires an external MIDI 
control device to get the most out of it.

2.) Professional studio-quality rack-mount device.  So it's not the 
type of thing you can pop onto a pedalboard and go busking with. 
(hey, look, I told you I was REEEEALY reaching here.)

3.) Ah forget it.  Everything else I might have is merely stuff that 
Bob hasn't gotten a chance to implement (yet!).  It's not fair to 
ding somebody on a feature request.  :P

"when you think your dreams are shattered, it's time to dream new dreams"