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Re: More young geniuses following Charlie Hunter, etc...

Oh, I was really not that serious. I guess the humor did not translate 
email.  Yes, personally I agree that there isn't enough space. I was just 
admiring his ability to sound like one person looping, when in actualility 
he was playing everything at once. That's all.


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> Krispen Hartung schrieb:
>> Who needs looping when you can do this? :)
> Julian would benefit from looping, as he would need to give space to 
> elements. For me it sounded a bit like he's afraid to leave silences or 
> just non virtuous space which would have given room for his partner. 
> know if the style he was playing would officially allow it though...;-)
> Sorry for disagreeing, he might need it more than he knows...
> Stefan
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