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Re: Fripp looping for windows

Dont get me wrong, I loved Fripp... No Pussyfooting is one of my favorite albums..., and I was glad to see that he still has a GR30 Git synth, the one I have, when most have upGeed to the 300 (i still love my gr30 - and think that I will never stop tweaking it...) ... but REALLY... does he STILL sound like that--- The looping ambient background is the same, and his infinate sustain (did u say BigMuff Per.. didnt know that...) sound is exactly the same as usual... I actually like the little bell sounds that he did best, cos I wasnt expecting it...

And did you think what he said was clever... "Vista...(small pause) is astounding...." Does ANYONE speak like that??? And they actually got him to REPEAT what he said about Apple versus MS users... wow.. that was an eye-opener...
Does ANYONE... EVER think that a new OS is... er astounding... ???
Im just looking to see if theyve fix the bugs... or just introduced more idiotic functionality...

OF course the execs were a bunch of morons... Im sure Robert was mostly just trying desperatly to say something inane and quotable, so they would like him, and use more than 4 seconds...

I know Eno did the last Windows sounds... Ive never thought to listen to it to see if it was a musical version of "Win - dows - Ex - Pee"... Like Fripps " Win - dows - Vis - Ta!!"


I skipped thru the doc, hoping for something interesting, but mostly it just gave me the shivers...