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Re: nerds with toys

Michael Peters wrote:
> also an interesting perspective that has to be honoured ...

I couldn't find anything in the original article to say that
livelooping can be anything other than building up layers.

If anything, that's the myth that hurts us by turning off 
potential listeners.


> /Nothing - NOTHING - is more boring and ego-fed than live looping, 
> especially when you have a full band on the stage. If I want to see 
> someone "creating tracks", I'll go to a recording studio. In concert, I 
> want to see and hear a band working together making music, not some nerd 
> with toys making tracks./  by billthemailman January 30, 2:39 PM
> http://www.boston.com/ae/music/articles/2009/01/30/in_the_loop/?page=2