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ways to loop as duo

Hi gang,
I have an upcoming loop show on the 27th of February in Radolfzell 
Germany,this time ive invited the percussionist from my latin band who 
plays not only latin percussion but being greek he plays all the arabic 
instruments as well.I have just recently turned him on to Mobius,he has 
never looped and i am gathering tips on ways to loop as a duo.
The easiest way offcourse would be to have him accompany me,or me looping 
his percussion and adding my parts,or the other way syncing 2 macbooks 
with mobius.This one makes me a bit tipsy because ive never looped synced 
with 2 laptops and i keep hearing that there are problems doing it that 
way.We also want to use perhaps with drum loops and grooves to add at will.
So for you looper duos out there,how are u shaking it?