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Re: Mainstage, Ultralite and Augustus Loop

On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 2:36 PM, L.Angulo <labaloops@yahoo.com> wrote:
> yes i remeber reading this but i dont know what physical loop-back 
>stereo fix is would you be > so kind to develope further?

- I went to a music store and bought two very short cables.
- Assinged PreAmp/FX appl output to both physical outputs 1-2 and 2-3
- Patched output 1-2 to PA.
- Patched output 3-4 back to input 5-6 (on my soundcard)
- Set Looper (Mobius) to fetch input from input 5-6.
- Set Looper ouput to output 1-2 (so it will merge with the direct
instrument tone into the PA)
- Set the loper to not monitor the direct signal.

That's it! Quite simple actually.

This means a little more latency on the signal going into the looper,
but that's no problem because you won't hear that signal until it's
being looped and played back. It can be fully compensated for by
Mobus' loop latency compensation (meaning every new overdubbed layer
will be moved forwards in time for the playback). You can set this by
ear because the latency is fixed - since a physical patch is used. If
using a digital pipe like Soundflower or the Jack Server the latency
would change over time and no compensation may help.