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OT: 2008 Macbook w/firewire FS

Hello all,

Well, I have to accept the unfortunate truth that I do indeed need a video card in my laptop so I'm selling my Macbook.

Purchased in May of 08, this is a 13" 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo white book with 120 GB hard drive.  I've upgraded the book to 4GB of RAM and it has over 2 years of Applecare left.  I have used this for probably less than 50 hours total so its in great shape.  FYI, This DOES have the Firewire port on it if that matters to you.  Its a great machine and I really like it but I thought I could make due without the video card of a Pro but alas, I cannot and so here it is.

If anyone is interested, I'd like $1,100 shipped for the book.  I'll include a nice black padded laptop bag along with it if you like.

Please contact me off list if you're interested or if you're interested but think I'm asking too much.  I've been on the list for about a decade now and you can see my Ebay rating here




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