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Re: Is That Jazz Festival in Seattle - My Performance and the Cell Phone for Audience Interaction


Downloaded the track and listened to it a couple of times through this 

Very nice.

Best regards,

tEd ® KiLLiAn

Creativity represents a miraculous coming together of the uninhibited 
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Ted Killian's "Flux Aeterna" is also available at Apple iTunes

On Jan 18, 2009, at 8:51 PM, Krispen Hartung wrote:

> BTW, here is the link to my performance at the Seattle "Is That Jazz?" 
> festival this last week.
> http://www.box.net/shared/a0gxc61yzq
> I tried something different this time. I hooked my cell phone up to my 
> audio interface, so that anything that came out of it would be 
> proocessed and looped like my guitar. Then I put a sign on the stage 
> with my cell phone number. As I entered the stage, I instructed the 
> audience that if they were so inclined they could call my number, make 
> noises, push buttons, talk, whistle, etc, and that not only would it 
> come through the PA, but I would interact with it to make it a 
> collaborative performance.
> Well, it was a total success and loads of fun!  I got tons of calls 
> from the approximately 50 or so audiences members, and all the 
> calls were processed and randomly looped along with my guitar. There 
> were many times when I was actually playing duo with an unknown 
> audience member for 2-3 minutes. It was so much fun, and it made me 
> laugh and smile many times during the performance. Some folks even 
> sent me text messages with humorous comments, or asking me to do 
> something again, etc.
> Anyway, it was just a test to see if it would work. I now plan to 
> assign different tones to my text messages and calls, so that I can 
> write a max/msp patch that will do different things with those 
> signals, like looping, or turning on a certain effect and so on. I've 
> already written a patch that will convert a cell phone call into 
> randomly changing my effect selection. Lots of potential here.
> Kris
> www.krispenhartung.com