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Re: Steppophonic - could this work?

[Per Boysen]
 > But I actually don't know about any other looper than the EDP than  
 > work like that - in "sampler mode" only spitting out one note at any
 > given rate/speed pitch. But that would still not work for a pattern
 > that uses three or four overlapping notes. Four EDPs? Hmm... Can
 > Mobius be set to play a sampled note just once?

Yes, set Sampler Style to Once and use the Retrigger function
in a !spread script combined with rate shift.  But as you say that
doesn't work for overlapping notes.

I don't think it's possible to do exactly what you want with
existing parts, we might get close but it would be hard to configure
and the UI would be hard to use.