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Re: Steppophonic - could this work?

Hi Per

I have thought through your Steppophonic Looper. I think it could maybe 
work in a way like this. Let me know if that goes in the right direction:

So, the basic components are commonly available:
- MIDI Looper/Sequencer (i.e. Ableton Live)
- Audio Looper (i.e. SooperLooper, Mobius or EDP)
- Vocal Harmonizer (i.e. Digitech)

A designated hardware Vocal Harmonizer might do the trick in terms of 
real-time peformance. The rest goes like this:
- In your Looper, record a sample
- Looper is NOT synced to anything, it just plays single shot samples via 
- In Ableton, create a MIDI clip that triggers the Looper sample via MIDI 
(trigger pattern as you wish)
- Route the Looper audio out to your Vocal Harmonizer
- In Ableton, create a MIDI clip that reflects the pitches/harmonies you 
want to hear
- Send this MIDI information to your Vocal harmonizer
- The Vocal Harmonizer now should play your sample according to the 
pitch/time settings in Ableton

Usually, the MIDI trigger and the MIDI harmonies should be synchronized 
(you could change it for effects though).
You could create different Ableton scenes i.e. with different chords that 
you assign to MIDI pedals etc.
You could additionally route back the Vocal harmonizer Audio Out to 
Ableton Live and send it through additional gates/filters etc.

Could an approach like this be useful in any way?

best regards

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