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OT:For sale:mackie 32x8 8bus mixing console and mackie power supply$850

I am selling a Mackie 32x8x2 analog 8-bus mixing console and 2space rackmount Mackie 220watt original power supply and extended power cable.

Works great and have used in studio.Excellent Mackie mic pre's on all 32 ch's, direct outs, sweep eq on all ch's, talkback mic,8 bus,2 monitor outs, main studio outs,etc.. great as a live board or recording entire bands.Definitely a professional board. Also, has a mix B option to give 64 ch's at mixdown.Lists new for $3699.00.Sells used for $1500-2000 usually. I got a great deal on it,so can sell it for under $1000.00 Analog,but super quiet enough to be used on digital recordings & great warm analog front end to digital recordings. I hate to get rid of it but I just don't need this big a board.It's a steal at $850.00, price is absolutely firm.

For sale as is,no returns,no refunds (too big to be moved back and forth,can't risk any damage),will accept cash, paypal or money order only,no BS,weight is 70 pounds and another 20 for power supply, will ship but buyer pays for shipping fee's and arranges pickup via ups or fed ex.Prefer local pickup. Email indianaguitar@hotmail.com or call 812-323-0669.

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