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Re: Finding people to play with/learn from

Nick schrieb:
> Yes, but i'm not looking to play in front of people right now, I'm
> looking to learn how to be a good musician first :)

But learning to be a good musician works the other way around, you only 
learn it in front of an audience. But this could be just a bunch of 
friends. Sure it'll scare you to death, but there is no way around. You 
can rehearse all day at home, it won't make you a good musician. But if 
you get out you will learn it...

Making music is about listening, not about doing. Listening in front of 
an audience and trying to slip into their shoes and listen to your music 
is the best way, as far as I know, to become a good musician...

Looking for other musicians to play with is a very good start. If you 
play together, you're your own audience as well. Don't look for 
virtuosos, just play with your friends, they'll learn along with you...

Just for refining techniques an experienced teacher might help, more so 
if you play with her. But more likely later, if you come across 
technical difficulties. To make music there is no obligation to solve 
all technical difficulties by the way, but its easier in the end...


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