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Re: video switcher controlled via midi

At 10:25 PM -0600 1/3/09, J Johans wrote:
>im looking for a way to have 3 lipstick cams 
>going into a video switcher thats controlled via 
>it would be nice to have some built in 
>transitional effects/visual effects as well- 
>anyone know of such a box?
>my pipe dream is that i could send this "magical 
>box" the same midi message and have it choose a 
>random camera/transitional effect/visual effect 
>each time
>i know absolutely nothing of the subject, so 
>even some good websites or product possibilities 
>would be appreciated -
>would this definately be a thing to run on a 
>CPU? or do they make hardware devices that may 
>do this?

The Edirol V4 comes closest, though it does not 
do randomness and can only have 3 different 
transitions and 4 different effects active at one 
time. (Why the bleep they didn't let us choose 
these via midi?)

>mucho thanks
>It's the same HotmailŪ. If by "same" you mean up 
>to 70% faster. 
>your account now.


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