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OT: Re: Vinyl... sorry, but the material is suspect /etc....

On Jan 1, 2009, at 7:10 PM, Dean, Hal wrote:

Lest someone leap immediately to the conclusion that what I'm about to say is too simple, I'll preface it by saying that any holistic analysis of the environmental effects of our choices is inevitably very complex and ultimately requires multiple qualifications and copious research.  That out of the way... just about the entire life cycle of polyvinyl chloride is really injurious to the planet and its living creatures.
If you don't  know what I mean, see the film Blue Vinyl.
I too love LPs as physical objects, but much of what we've been doing needs to change.On balance, sans the copious research admittedy, I have concluded that I cannot support the resurgence of vinyl LPs.
Hal Dean

In all due respect, what about the computer used to transmit the above message?  And, when the time comes that you feel that it is somehow necessary, 
will you purchase another, newer computer without these same concerns?

What all goes into the R&D and the manufacture of a single average computer are directly, (along w/ indirectly) connected to so many different and various hideous chemicals, 
and / or chemical byproducts that, if you knew everything about it, it'd make your head spin. Rather than be against any kind of comeback with records, I would first advocate for elimination of the manufacturing of just about all of the mostly worthless crap plastic "products" that are found just about everywhere, especially in the more notorious big box
stores like Wal-Mart, Target, etc, and which are the prime candidates that will eventually be dumped in a landfill somewhere in the future, and often much sooner, than much later.

(And do not even think that once things end up in landfills, that that is the "end" of their "journey". Quite the contrary...)

At least with records, particularly those that are being made today, many, or even most, will likely have a *far* longer "shelf life" (as on someone's shelves for records, etc) 
as opposed to a very large % of just about anything else that has been manufactured involving hideous things we'd rather not think about, but are still there nonetheless, and will remain so, and likely indefinitely.  And yes, with the manufacture of records, there is still that support for polyvinyl chloride production. But, I guarantee ya that if records were outlawed tomorrow, there would *still* be a replacement market of some kind(s) found for the same amount of polyvinyl chloride production. This is how the big, major corps(es) operate and demand returns on their investments, and for their stockholders.  My suggestion is for everyone individually to make their own personal decisions for how little 
(or sadly, how big) of a detrimental foot print they choose to make on Big Mama Earth. As for me, I will choose to still purchase records  (and store them for decades at least), 
while at the same time, also choosing NOT to buy, and to support *as little* of any other crap that I reasonably can, which is how I have been living for most of my Life, anyway.  
It really is not that "hard" to do so. Ya just have to *really want to* and to be willing to make certain "sacrifices", etc. It gets easier and easier to do so, once put into regular practice...

Also, at least with records, the polyvinyl chloride production that is there anyway is being used to store something of REAL and lasting VALUE, which is MUSIC, as opposed to the production of potentially countless billions of other items of ultimately worthless, and / or disposable  crap. Give me records ANY time, over that other junk! 

And, what about many of the same scary things and byproducts that went into the R&D and manufacture of those beloved synthesizers that so many of us use and cherish
(like myself) and also all of the wonderful looping devices, both past and present (and future...) ?  Ooops...!  :-) 

I suspect  that possibly those same moral concerns will not be any kind of real issue when someone wants purchase a new and kool piece of gear, regardless of the vile chemical trails and foot prints that were left in the creation and manufacture of such things, and also cell phones, ipods, previously used CRT monitors and TVs, and a zillion other things heading to landfills eventually.   Ooops, again...!   We are ALL guilty of at least something! :-)   Just try to minimize it as much as possible. 

PS- Also, thanx for the tip on the "Blue Vinyl" film, Hal. I had never heard of it and just put a reserve for the next available copy at my local library which has it in it's catalogue.
Looks very intriguing. There is, and always should be, an endless number of things to know and to learn about...

PPS- Great flash animation, Per!  Hilarious!  Thanx!  I passed it onto other interested folks.  Keep up the Great Work!