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Re: Vinyl... sorry, but the material is suspect

I didn't know this about vinyl. Thanks for sharing, Hal.
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Lest someone leap immediately to the conclusion that what I'm about to say is too simple, I'll preface it by saying that any holistic analysis of the environmental effects of our choices is inevitably very complex and ultimately requires multiple qualifications and copious research.  That out of the way... just about the entire life cycle of polyvinyl chloride is really injurious to the planet and its living creatures.
If you don't  know what I mean, see the film Blue Vinyl.
I too love LPs as physical objects, but much of what we've been doing needs to change.On balance, sans the copious research admittedy, I have concluded that I cannot support the resurgence of vinyl LPs.
Hal Dean

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I woulda thought that too, since the same applies for reel to reel tape technology. But even though their not made anymore, those tape recorders remain beloved by many, and rather expensive on Ebay.


    Vinyl is so out of style that chances are pretty good one could find old cutting lathes etc. somewhere sitting in a warehouse,basement,fleamarket for cheap. I wonder how much of that gear has gone to the dump.