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   Yes it's really out of style. Part of how the fashion cycle. Little tiny narrow sunglasses are supplanted by great big bug eyed  ones as the cycle spins.Bohemians,youths and others interested in proving to themselves, their peers and whatever authority figures they're rebelling against  tht athey are not part of the herd,are creative fresh  vital  cool etc adopt aesthetics that are as opposite as possible from whatever is in the mainstream media. Thus the kids of  longhaired  60s hippies  who pretended to love everyone,shaved their heads in the 90s and pretended to hate everyone ( the 90s were the 60s upside down). Usually the new aesthetic is greatly informed by what's available cheap in the thrift stores of college towns. So yes vinyl is really out of style,yes,it's coming around the market is likely to grow.  I buy vinyl at the thrift stores all the time .This week picking through Lawrence Welk the 1001 strings and the Anita Kerr singers,I found the other day,Pharoah Saunders Thembi , Abercrombe and Towner on Ecm, Herbie Hancock Crossings which is amazing, perfect cond. for a buck each.But more and more I'm competing with college students for it.