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Re: Vinyl

I also read a story about a year ago about the resurgence of vinyl. But to me, the *most* encouraging and heart warming thing in that report  was the part of the story 
where there had been a wide cross-section of some early-teenagers who were asked why they were getting so much into vinyl. 

The answer given the most was: "Because it just sounds better".  And, this was from kids who certainly did not originally grow up on vinyl.  I really liked that part.

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Rev Fever
On Dec 31, 2008, at 1:52 PM, Krispen Hartung wrote:

Is it really out of style? What do you make of this:
"Talk to almost anyone in the music business' vital indie and DJ scenes and you'll encounter a uniformly optimistic picture of the vinyl market."


"I'm hearing from labels and distributors that vinyl is way up," said Ian Connelly, client relations manager of independent distributor alliance IODA, in an e-mail interview. "And not just the boutique, limited-edition colored vinyl that Jesu/Isis-style fans are hot for right now."
"Pressing plants are ramping up production, but where is the demand coming from? Why do so many people still love vinyl, even though its bulky, analog nature is anathema to everything music is supposed to be these days? Records, the vinyl evangelists will tell you, provide more of a connection between fans and artists. And many of today's music fans buy 180-gram vinyl LPs for home listening and MP3s for their portable devices."
I'm loving this!!!  Will be interesting to see where this goes. Can you imagine taking vinyl to your gigs in 2 years? Or exchanging actual vinyl albums and sleaves at Y2K10?
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    Vinyl is so out of style that chances are pretty good one could find old cutting lathes etc. somewhere sitting in a warehouse,basement,fleamarket for cheap. I wonder how much of that gear has gone to the dump.