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Re: Electro-music NYE Streaming Event NOW!!!!

Well, that was weird.  Came upstairs just in time to jump on the stream - 
I'd thought I was being told that the thing had started 3 hours earlier 
I'd thought... Ah well I think it went well though I suspect the drum bits 
(from a WAV file as I didn't have enough time to screw with FLSTudio) got 
pegged a bit.  Of course I forgot to turn my Windows sounds off.  There's 
click generated at random points by something in the Javascript running 
chat area.

Whew, that was fun.  Thank God I wasn't late or something.

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Subject: Re: Electro-music NYE Streaming Event NOW!!!!

> Well, I first enjoyed some "random synth patch hick-up" music named
> "Getting ready for NYE - mosc noodle" and then suddenly Edison Rex was
> on air. But now the stream is back to the "mosc noodle" again.
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> On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 6:55 PM, SP Goodman <spgoodman@earthlight.net> 
> wrote:
>> WHAT?  This wasn't supposed to start for another few hours.  It's 
>> presently
>> 1755 GMT...