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Re: feedback buster for nylon string

The best method I have ever used, is to buy a black balloon, and blow it 
inside the sound hole (not too tight, just enough to seal off the sound 
hole).  Tie it off and turn it around so that you don't see the end. It is 
amazing, and costs about 3 cents. :)   I learned it from an old jazzer 


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> Hi Loopers,
> Is there a feedback reducer for nylon strings like the feedback buster 
> that covers the soundhole for steel string guitars? my recently acquired 
> flamenco guitar has the fishman Prefix Premium Blend with the internal 
> and is very sensitive to feedback,so far i havent found anything that 
> the soundhole of a nylon string.However the feedback buster solved all 
> problems on my steel string,great and simple gadget!
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