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2 questions about akai headrush E2

I've been thinking about getting one of these for a long time now, and am now thinking I'm either going to buy one of these now or upgrade some weak links in my current setup. Which is to say, I got a gift certificate for xmas and it is burning a hole in my pocket. 

I have 2 questions for anyone with experience with the headrush:

(1) hiss? I've read some reviews that the hiss can be bad. My setup is mildly prone to hiss as is (and I typically take things out because hiss does bother me). 

(2) the 4 output function. This is really the only reason why I'm looking at this pedal and the main reason I'm writing this email. I want to mess around with recording with 4 outs and mixing them in surround. my question is how the 4 outputs, ah, output: when you play a note, does that note play through all 4 simultaneously when you play it, and THEN echo through the 4 outputs - 1234123412 etc. - or does it play through say output 1, and then echo in output 2,  then 3, and so on? or something else?

My idea for a setup (since I don't have 4 amps) is to play guitar --> amp --> mic --> computer/interface; then run that sound through a bus to the headrush, back to the computer in 4 outputs (I have a mixer if I need it to keep the levels up to line level), then bus out again through the EDP. That way I figure I can have the direct amp sound, the 4 independent echos, and the overall loop (in mono). Is this just crazy talk? My other option is to spend the money on less fun things that may be more functional (i.e., things that I wouldn't have to change my current practice to utilize, but would be less fun toys than upgrades in sound quality, etc.). It's an existential dilemma, in some ways...