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RE: gismonti

"Which isn't to say that they didn't work together on an album - and
I'd like to quote Warren:
"Sol do Meio Dia is the album I love the most out of all the Gismonti
I've heard."
Which I have to second, and it also has Ralph Towner on it."

Thanks for jogging my memory, as I bought that album new when it first came
out....note the word "Album".... It was actually after that I had the
opportunity to speak to Ralph, while he was in town with Oregon to play.  I
have seen them play many times. I believe it was because of that
collaboration that the idea was proposed by ECM to do a duets album. Ralph
is a very open guy with a seriously twisted since of humor, and very 
He just said that they didn't have much improvisational report. Sometimes
super groups don't work be cause the participants are so super :-). I miss
Colin Walcott, Oregon's original percussionist who, though not the fiery
genius Trilok Gurtu is, helped to innovate the use of Tablas as part of a
multi drum kit and wasa great musician in his own right. He was also a
beautiful guy who was ready to come to my families house in San Jose to buy
some of the Libyan drums my family had collected while stationed there,
until my dad diplomatically informed him that they were not for sale.