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only few other musicians have made me as happy as egberto gismonti.
he has written some joyful and simple yet harmonically enthralling 
pieces that
made my heart dance on a regular basis.
my favourite tune of his is
Loro (The Parrot)

 fantastic piano solo piece


Bruce Gilman schrieb:
> Hi all,
> Bruce Gilman here with a number Gismonti recommendations:
> The Altitude of the Sun (Black Sun)
> Meeting Point (ECM)
> Magico  (ECM)
> Kuarup  (Carmo)
> Charlie Haden and Egberto gismonti in Montreal  (ECM)
> Dança das Cabeças (ECM)
> Música de Sobrevivência (ECM)
> Corações Futuristas-*ECM)
> Trem Caipira (EMI)
> ZigZag (ECM)
> Infância (ECM)
> Feixe de Luz (EMI)
> Sol do Meio Dia (ECM)
> Sanfona (ECM)
> Alma (EMI)
> Dança doe Escravos (ECM)
> Brasil Musical (TomBrasil)
> Duas Vozes (ECM)
> B.G.
> On Dec 27, 2008, at 2:22 PM, Daryl Shawn wrote:
>> Gismonti is so amazing, though I only heard him for the first time 
>> this summer. I like recommendations! I reach for his stuff over Fahey 
>> - other than his unique dark vibe and some interesting harmonic 
>> directions, he's largely lost on me (ducking) - but that's just 
>> taste. Like Charlie Parker, Mozart, and Townes Van Zandt, I 
>> acknowledge the influence, but rarely want to listen to the music.
>> still ducking...
>> Daryl Shawn
>> www.swanwelder.com
>> www.chinapaintingmusic.com
>>> Speaking of slow acoustic guitar players, anybody hip to Egberto 
>>> Gismonti?
>>> he can really play slow and beautiful and then blaze away as well
>>> he played an 8 string guitar in 1975!!
>>> HIs early ECM stuff is wonderful      Dancas das Cabasas (or 
>>> something like that!) LOL   is a good place to start.