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Re: Fahey

I never got to see him live but saw just about all of his followers, Kottke in 1979 and later in 85, all the Windham Hill guys.  I played a show in 2006 in suburban Chicago and the Gallery where I was took on my CD's to carry in their inventory.  Alongside was some work by Peter Lang (Fahey fellow Tahoma mate) who I learned was still alive/well.  In addition to Fahey being gone another much too soon loss from this period was Robbie Basho who did some really eloquent 6 & 12 string work of Classical pieces among other things.  Once in a blue moon I get a comparison to John out of nowhere mainly some more dronier things that I  did late 90's and into the millenium.  It is usually the open tuning and repetitive nature of  my solo work prior to become more improvisational in last couple of years.

On Sat, Dec 27, 2008 at 3:28 PM, samba - <sambacomet@hotmail.com> wrote:
" I got to see John somewhere in the 90's  ............. he's playing these beautiful sssllllloooooowwww pieces......."

  I was convinced in the 70s that Fahey was trying to prove he could play slower than any other guitar player,I think he succeeded,he could play much slower than anyone else I've ever heard. It's much more difficult to play an acoustic guitar slowly than an electric guitar fast. Being musical in either case is the big challege and Fahey's slow stuff could have this deeply in the moment sort of  beauty,almost Japanese.

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