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Re: Devi Ever (was Re: distortion, overdrive,fuzz,crunch,special sauce, secret goo)

Lovely collection, for sure. When the Artifacts came out I couldn't 
believe the price and wanted to snap up a handful, still wish I had. 
Buying the TBD was a lark since I'm not even playing electric, but it 
opened my eyes to the WORLD of crazy fuzz, and eventually down the path 
of creating noisier music in general.

thanks for the nice words.

do the album, bro!!!

Daryl Shawn

> Here's the rundown: Effector 13 Truly Beautiful Disaster, Torn's 
> Peaker, Feed Back Loop Oscillator, and Synth Mangler; Devi Ever OK, 
> BIT, ND, 25, 05/25, Hyperion, US, and JP.  Also a Peep and a PeepPeep.