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bidule question

sorry, im waiting  to be allowed into the bidule forumn (heaven help them)
im just trying to connect my midi keyboard to an instrument inside bidule so i can trigger tones
when i go to choose MIDI IN under midi devices bidule, i see my fireface midi in - but it wont let me drag it to the workspace..?
it looks normal, no italics - but wont let me use it -
this is how i access the midi IN on my audio interface, right? keyboard plugged into midi in, then in bidule...midi in ---> instrument midi in
under bidule/midi devices/input - there is only 1 choice, my fireface in - and it wont let me use it
under bidule/midi devided/output - there are 2 choices, my fireface and then microsoft wavetable syth - the MS one i can drop onto the workspace...but not the fireface
hope im missing something silly, any ideas?

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