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Re: guitar drone music (Fahey)

more from the good old days.  LMAO      Saw a very young Leo Kottke for exactly $1.00 at Gerorge Mason college in 1973.   Sat on the gym floor and was mesmorized by his playing and laughed out loud at his in between song mumblings.    Now concerts cost as much as a used lap top computer.. ........     LOL 

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I grew up in the time and area of John Fahey (greater Washington DC area circa 1960's and 70's)   for what it is worth, I never saw him berate the audience though being a notorious drunk that is very possible; unlike many functioning alcoholics it didn't seem to effect his playing all that much, at least the many times I saw him. He was brilliant the times I saw him in spite of being drunk.  It DID effect his ability to tune and re tune his guitar to the different tunings. 
He once asked if anyone in the audience could tune his guitar, and admitted being too drunk to; I spoke up and tuned it and he then proceeded to play, laugh, and tell me I was no better than him at tuning.  I guess you had to be there!!  LOL

Damn! That's a beautiful story!  Thanx for sharing.

I am still kicking myself for NOT making the effort to go see Fahey here in Portland, at the (long gone) Medicine Hat Gallery a small few years ago. 
It was one of his last shows. (or WAS his last?) He passed on not too long down the road after that.(he also lived in Oregon and not all that far from Portland, as I recall?)
I guess I thought he'd always be around. BIG mistake!  Same goes for ANYONE. 

As for the Fahey non-experience, guess I should have adhered to my even longer-time motto which is "Love 'em while ya got 'em!".  But, that time, I screwed up. 
However, I did learn a lesson though to try to not allow something like that to ever happen again, if at all possible.    So far....so good.... :-)

All the best,
Rev Fever