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Re: here and now / evolving loops

First, I wish you all the best fot your  Xmas Holydays and expeccially for the incoming new year...

I have read a lot of times this message from Matthias, because there is something intriguing me to get 
a more conscious approach to looping.
So I think that it's a good to starting point for a new discussion or maybe for more than one...

I'm interested to know your opinion (or tech) about how do you "renovate" and "change", when looping ?"
Matthias tech - as I have seen, when he played live at the Y2K7 (with Arild Anderson) - was to use multiply and feedback.
I enjoined that parformance (I have it in rotation on my i-tunes), a nice example of "flow".

Personally - in my musical approach - "renovation" implies harmony and rythmic variation. 
Lately, thanks to the new softwares, I use VST plugins to get the "change". I know it's just a " colour change" and not a "real change", because the loop that's playing it's not changing its melodic, armonic or rytmic structure...but that's what I do....

And you ?

And how about "changing direction" ?
What do you mean for it ? (melody, harmony, rythm, colours ?)
How do you do it ? 
If I think to Andrč La Fosse style, I ask to myself if he really change direction...

I'm interested in your opinion.


2008/12/15 Matthias Grob <matilists@atarde.com.br>
I just had this inspiring chat with Thiagy, a brasilian musician living in London:

Thyagi das
 ...we who?then, arises: Who am 'I'? What is the 'I' that will 'do' it?
 What is 'I'?
Matthias Grob
 It does not necessarily areise.
 if it does, just listen to your loop
Thyagi das
 but isn't listening to the loop add up to more 'conditioned' living? instead of spontaneous here and nowness??
Matthias Grob
 the loop is like the motion lines in a comic
Thyagi das
Matthias Grob
 yes, the loop adds direction to the here and nowness
Thyagi das
 so end of history. no one to die of this or that, to kill for this or that, to struggle for this or that...just effortless
 Intelligent Existence, flowing, or rather, adding direction as it goes along the core Stuff that Runs It all...somehow!

possible practical looping conclusion:

how about helping the listeners to concentrate on the live playing (if on the music, at all...)
 because most energy happens there,
 while the loop is as dead as a recording, just the history to indicate the direction?
a point can be described by its coordinates and its velocity vector.
the history of movement suggests such a direction and thus a point in the future (conservation),
 but it can also change suddenly (revolution)... at least it should be corrected a little (evolution)!
looping helps the player to maintain a direction, with less surprises/shocks,
 and thus leaves the listener more confident and at ease (relaxing)
 but it brings a problem if it becomes static (boring)

without looping
 we mainly have to learn to play steady and flowing
with looping
 we mainly have to learn to renovate and change
 (I observe that often a new layer does not change direction at all...)
 use feedback and multitrack to evolve, rather than just color the past

there is nothing wrong with building a song just like painting a picture.
but we don't watch painters, we just look at the final painting (which corresponds to the filled loop)
the personal benefit from "telling a story" may be bigger than from "painting a situation"
  give it a try!

interestingly the delay machines before 1992 mostly forced us to evolve, because they were fading
 (some had a freeze   function but it often brought a hickup)
while the more recent loop gear like a RC20 hardly lets us evolve...

in case you did not do so yet, play with a long delay (2...6sec) with 60..95% feedback
 and get the feeling of motion lines that follow you!