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Devi Ever (was Re: distortion, overdrive,fuzz,crunch,specialsauce, secret goo)

At 8:50 AM -0500 12/20/08, Jeff Duke wrote:
>Arrghh! Now i want to put a Fuzz Factory into the loop of the Eye Of 
>God! Did you check out that Peep also? 
> , 
>these people are just wrong! Too many boxes that I want to try.
>Thanks a bunch Mark, crap...http://www.deviever.com/fx/

Heheheheh!  Devi's stuff rox!

I've been over on her forums for a couple of years now (i use the 
username 'glitch' over there), and it's a genuinely interesting 
place.  It's one of only three web-forums that have ever consistently 
held my attention, considering that I usually hate forums and stick 
with email lists most of the time.  If you haven't stopped over, it's 
worth a look.

Heck, I know Daryl even used to have a couple of sound samples of his 
on the old Effector 13 page for the Truly Beautiful Disaster. 
However, Devi used to re-design her site rather incessantly (not to 
mention having now sold the E13 name and 4 pedal designs to OohLaLa 
Mfg.) so you've probably got to take a look through archive.org to 
find those samples now.

Anyway, I've got to own at least a dozen Devi pedals by this time -- 
they're addictive.  The only ones I'm using regularly though (because 
most of them are in a storage locker on another continent) are my 
Hyperion -- which is a modern updated take on the "Big Muff" sound 
(it's even been nicknamed the "Big Muff Killer") -- running into my 
US.  The US is a heavily saturated gated fuzz, which is excellent for 
"velcro" type ripping fuzz sounds.  The Hype can cause a note to 
sustain for days, then the US does an excellent job of tearing at the 
edges as it begins to fade away.

BTW, many of Devi's pedals are dual circuits -- like the Manglers, 
Rocket, or Shoegazer, for instance.  You can also achieve much the 
same effect by combining two of the individual pedals, which is what 
I usually opt for.  In fact, this is exactly why Devi started 
publishing her Artifact line in the first place; as a collection of 
inexpensive yet interesting fuzzes that could be mixed-and-matched 
together, or swapped with your pals like trading cards. 
Unfortunately, you do lose the joystick control from some models by 
doing it that way.

Also, I just brought my 25 and ND back from the States.  The 25 is 
one of the best treble/clean boosters I've ever used, and when paired 
with a compressor (in this case, one of the little green Guyatones) 
it's fantastic for kicking in that clean, country-like "chickin' 
pickin'" tone.  One the other hand, the ND is just out of control: 
bizarre, octavia, nearly-sitarlike, screaming fuzz.  There's only one 
other Devi pedal that is said to get wilder -- the DN, which people 
claim will melt your brain.  Although the Aenima gets a fair bit of 
props too.

Speaking of the Peeps, they're great -- very cool for realtime 
control.  I've even taken one and plugged it into the audio input on 
a Torn's Peaker.  It'll get you all kinds of cool, light-controlled 
self-oscillating tones.  Run that through a tape echo or simulator, 
and you've got "Forbidden Planet" in the palm of your hand.

As for other *radical* fuzzes, I'd also throw a plug in for the 
Lastgasp Art Labs SuperOscilloFuzz Hachijuhachi (88).  It's right up 
there with Devi's pedals in terms of craziness.  And because of the 
switch controls, it can cover the same ground that you might need 
several individual boxes to accomplish (oscillating distortion, 
octave modulations, velcro fuzz, etc.).

I've got a Zvex Machine, but don't find it nearly as musical(?!?) as 
the Devi pedals.  Go figure.  It will get pretty far out there.  Just 
sounds more like a broken Marshall amp, though.  Mebbe I should try 
it with drums....

Finally, here's another plug for the good old Alesis Bitrman.  I just 
can't seem to get enough bit-reduction, as well as the associated 
artifacting that always seems to come from it.  BTW, anybody gotten a 
chance to play with the Geiger Counter from WMD yet?


(P.S. sorry for the late reply here.  i just got back from a 10-day 
hell-trip to the united states.  never been so glad to leave a 
country.  argh!)
"we're no longer sure where home is; homesickness is our only guide"