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Mainstage + Mobius + External Mixer - latency / monitoring questions

I dunno if anyone is using a similar setup-  but theoretically, can anyone forsee any blatent latency / monitoring issues with the following..?

External keyboard -----> in mainstage (tones) --------> mainstage out to CH 1 & 2 external mixer -------> Mixer Aux out into Mobious --------> mobius out into CH 3 & 4 external mixer

Mobius would be set to mute input signal.
I would use CH 1 & 2 of the mixer to hear what im playing, and CH 3 & 4 to hear what is looped

since the signal is traveling through my audio interface 4 different times...and being processed by the CPU 4 times....should i expect to have an unacceptable latency?

i would think there is a way to route mainstage to mobius internally to reduce latency, but im not sure if this will work in my setup.. 
im still new to laptop looping and rely heavily on my external mixer to handle the routing of my 6 stereo inputs (4 stereo instruments and 2 stereo loopers)

there are times when im playing piano and singing, but only want the vocals to be recorded into mobius - currently, i hit a dipswitch on my mixer that controls whether or not an intrument gets sent into mobius - is there a way to do this via MIDI and software routing if i have mainstage internally patched to mobius?

and could i merge the internal patch with an external mix from my looper?
meaning if mainstage is sent directly into mobius, could i also merge the signal with a L/R from my mixer? or is that a audio interface thing? currently waiting on a fireface800

any thoughts or examples would be greatly appreciated


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