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Re: distortion, overdrive,fuzz,crunch,special sauce, secret goo

Rick, that OD 20 sounds cool, I wonder if that OCTAVE FUZZ is like the one 
loved on my Boss GT 5. That was a wicked fuzz! Listen to "Schizosphere" on 
my page. Of course I was using mucho other stuff with it.
Digitech does do some good models. My RP 250 has 13 fuzz/distortion models 
and what I like is that it has a seperate section for amp models so I can 
a say Rat or Arbiter Fuzz Face with a Twin or Boogie. Also the wahs and 
whammys are great,IMO. I am not saying it's like the real thing but it 
give alot of combinations. Those pedals from Digitech are no joke. I love 
Bad Monkey! Also the x series Digidelay is very nice.
UPDATE: My Fuzz Factory arrival date 1-2-09!



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> I think after demoing the two of them that I am going to stick with one
> of my two
> distortion/fuzz modelling pedals (the excellent BOSS OD20 and the 
> DF-7 DISORTION FACTORY) with the Zvex after all of it.
> Both the BOSS and the DIGITECH have digital modellings of the most famous
> distortions and fuzzes of yesteryear (Ibanez Tube Screamer, all the BOSS
> pedals,
> The ProCO Rat, the BIG MUFF, the DUNLOP FUZZ FACE).
> I like the BOSS because it also has the best OCTAVE FUZZ I've ever heard.
> The low E string on a Stratocaster sounds like god when you engage this
> effect
> that can be added to any of the models.   Additionally,  you can set up
> four presets on this baby that takes up two stomp box pedals worth or
> real estate.
> The DIGITECH , though , only takes up one stomp box space (Boss sized)
> and has one salient feature that I love:
> It has put all it's models in sequence from lo midrange up to brittle
> treble, so
> that when you sweep the Modelling settings you can get lo to hi effects
> (fantastic to control this as you are looping this or putting it through
> slicing effects, digital delays or square wave tremelos.
> Additionally,  it cuts out completely just extremely briefly between
> each one
> so you can play it like a customizeable square wave tremelo.
> I love play this game with single chords to generate rhythmic loops.
> I'm in Fuzz heaven and will try out the ZVEX FUZZ Probe (and the wah
> wah) tomorrow.
> I"m also relieved that I don't need to shell out the $300 USD for the
> Experience.


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