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RE: distortion,overdrive,fuzz,crunch,special sauce,secret goo (goo especially)

> Rainer wrote:
> Generally, I believe that, even without the room acoustics completely
> ruining the picture, in a live context a lot of details get lost most
> of the time.

That's what I mean. Examples are stereo effects (delay's) and we live 
loopers use them a lot…oeps ;)

> What's moce interesting is the situation where in the studio synth
> patch A might work better, while in a live situation patch B would be
> the best choice.

That's a good point, especially when you're playing in an ensemble. Synth 
and guitar sounds don't always blend well in the mix so you have to be 
careful with that. Changing the EQ settings can do miracles in these cases.

> > Another phenomena I see a lot is that many artists have a bad sound.
> Also true, but only to a certain part to blame on the artist, simply
> because you as an artist usually do lack detailed info on the
> properties of the room and the pa system.

It also depends on the style of music you play. Put a metal band in a 
cathedral and the sound will be crap. Put an ambient live looper in their 
and the natural reverb might even contribute to the overall sound. It’s an 
idea I already have for a long time, playing live in a cathedral and use 
the building as a FX unit :) But I agree with you that you can have bad 
luck with the room, pa or the pa guy. I only send a stereo signal to the 
FOH mixer for that exact reason. It might not be always the best for you 
total mix but on average it’s ok

> > I think I'm one of the few keyboard players here using guitar stomp 
> (Rainer raises hand)

That’s 2 then :)

One thing I would like to add to this discussion is that you have to adapt 
yourself to the musical style of the song you are going to play, 
especially with an ensemble. Too much is too much you know;  I think my 
special sauce is just that: I try to play “functional” and “subtle”, 
listen to the music and try to play something that give you a special 
feeling, sounds nice or creates a certain atmosphere. But I normally don’t 
use a lot of distortion, so it might be interesting to see what kind of 
sounds I could create with my synths if I would use some special sauce 
“distortion, overdrive, fuzz, crunch” pedal :)

Btw: Good luck with your new CD

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