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Re: special sauce, secret goo

>(I love Steven Wilson's tone.).

Get a Bad Cat amp. :)

The prog guitarists gear varies greatly.  And some of them change constantly.  Alex from Rush was a big influence on me and he's gone through some ungodly number of equipment changes.  Marshals, Hiwatt, GK, more Marshals, H&K... Gibson, Fender, PRS...  Gilmour's strat, Howe's ES175, Wilson's PRS.  You name it, it's probably been used by a prog guitarist.  HA!  The one common theme is probably tube amp.  Not all use 'em, but I'd venture to say that's a pretty common bond. 

On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 2:14 PM, ejyuhas <ejyuhas@embarqmail.com> wrote:

Hear, here, Bill!


My secret goo is the one-two punch of a Rat and Big Muff, back-to-back. I like them both on for that dark ambient wall of doomlike fuzz, especially with the Ebow. If I solo and I want the tones cleaner, I just use the Rat, tweaked to something that will come through the laid-down loops already playing.


Sometimes I wish I had those overdriven tones of the typical progressive rock guitar solo, such as something Gilmour-esque, or from bands such as Marillion, IQ and Porcupine Tree. (I love Steven Wilson's tone.).


So if anyone has any recommendation on which nifty, goo-like pedals will provide these tones, let me know…either here or off-list.




Ed in NJ