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Re: Release Notice: Rainer Straschill - "Wie groß ist die Luft ?"

Das ist ausgezeichnet!  I will buy a copy now.   Rainer, do you have the CD graphics on your web somewhere?
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Rainer Straschill
Wie groß ist die Luft ?

2008 - in Rainer Straschill's musical cosmos, the year of the 2008 MoinSound World Tour, which featured next to stations in three countries, on two continents, in different festivals (among them headlining the bodacious Boise Experimental Music Festival 3) and again in cyberspace primarily one thing: the triumphant return of the concert trombone to the instrument choice of Straschill, completed only by weird vocal noises and his signature "komische Elektronik" (which can only inadequately be translated to "whimsical electronics").
The album Wie groß ist die Luft ? (German for "How big is the air?") documents different performances from this programme. Indeed, to make it even more interesting, completed by spontaneously added guest musicians: during the 2nd Live Looping Festival Berlin gig, it was TJ Shredder, who let his even more whimsical electronics (a.k.a "Ondes Memorielles") loose on a Straschill performing purely acoustically. The second evening of the BEMF3 main festival found Straschill joined by Motoko Honda (grand piano) and Krispen Hartung (without any electronics, but with acoustic guitar), himself well-known from Straschill's surroundings.
But how does it sound? A short description: odd, and sometimes surprising. The slightly longer one: surprising insofar, as there are quite lyrical passages to be admired. And the even longer one: "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture" - for which reason I'll just point to the work of art:
For the first time ever, there's a Straschill-CD available for online order! And independently, the online listeners won't be disappointed.
So stop sitting around! Listen to it. And great holidays to all of you!