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Re: DISAGREEMENTS and THIS LIST was: Re: distortion, overdrive,fuzz,crunc

Well, you did good then!  Though you must have understood the questions at some fundamental level to be able to draw diagrams and get the answers right. It means you have good logical intuition.  Some of that stuff is counter-intuitive to people, such as sufficient and necessary conditions.
If p, then q (p-->q)
If p-->q, and p, then q
If p-->q, and not q, then not p
p-->q if and only if not p or q (~pvq)
p is sufficient. q is necessary. Sometimes folks will treat q as sufficient, or p as necessary, because it feels right.
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I couldn't understand the question... had no idea which of the answers were true, drew little diagrams of bikes and hats, gave up, guessed.. and got them all right...!


On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 9:41 PM, Krispen Hartung <info@krispenhartung.com> wrote:
Speaking of logic, philosophy, and debating, and as a side-topic, years ago a logic quiz came out in Time Magazine. I took the liberty to convert that quiz into a webpage, here:


It is a lot of fun. You can click until you get the right answers, and at the bottom is a link that I created (not part of the original quiz), which explains why the answers are correct.   All of the answers are based on classic logic and rules of derivation - modus ponens, modus tolens, rules of necessary and sufficient conditions, etc   People with a back ground in logic, mathematics, or electrical engineering (like my wife), typically ace this quiz.  My wife aced it without even trying...must have been all that logic of gates, switches, etc, burned in her brain. :)