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Hendrix soft machine

   I also saw Hendrix with Soft Machine, Twice  at age 13. I was amazed by SM who I'd never heard of. At the Washigton DC Hilton show  local players like Danny Gatton ,Roy Buchanan and Nils Lofgrin ,among others were in attendance having their minds blown.
  AT Columbia Maryland , an out door amphitheater, it was summer thunderstorm weather,which caused Soft Machine problems. No rain during Hendrix's set,but when he left the stage LIGHTENING STRUCK THE BLDG! all the power went out and the rain came down so hard people couldn't find the parking ot,were falling in the lake etc.
   I think Rick is correct that clean is comin back. I've completely avoided any sort of distortion for years ,playing a hollowbdy through a polytone.  At Burning man,inspired I guess bu balls of fire exploding all around I played my first ever solo with the Grunge distortion on a digitech rp12 ( which I took along cause I don;t care if it gets eaten by Playa dust) cranked I got a just about exact  Hendrix star spangled banner at woodstock sound. Exactly the kind of sounds I've  avoided like the plague.I just got an Ampeg Jet that gets some very nice  tube coloration. I like it way better the Blues Jr.