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special sauce, secret goo

Hey!   can’t we get back to talking about Special Sauce and Secret Goo?  I’m with Kevin,  and I started this thread, OK? So blog buddies what’s your poison, I know we’ve been over this before but it bears repeating, as peoples taste and gizmos change.  What distortion are you using and what do you like? Are you an overdrive and amp distortion guy like me, does distortion  do  it for you, are you a metal monger?  or are you a fuzz fancier, ( there should be a periodical called Fuzz Fancy like Dog Fancy the magazine for dog lovers)  show me what you got and tell me why. I love my newest overdrive the Zendrive, as I previously stated, great at any setting ,and the Twin Tube is also very good sounding and tube driven  and a little more unruly and prone to feedback, at high settings.  I’ve been digging the octave fuzz setting on the M-13 lately that sounds great on the lap steel ,  I can get sub octave death metal lap steel tones,  oh baby!