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Re: distortion, overdrive,fuzz,crunch,special sauce, secret goo

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There's a difference between an improper or inappropriate setup and poor technique. Poor technique can be revealed instantly by turning off the fuzz box. And if you never turn off the fuxx to practise, your technique won't get better any time soon. I say this from experience.
Totally agreed. That is my main point.
I would agree with an earlier poster that controlling a high-gain rig is a different skill set. But it's also one that is much easier to learn than learning how to articulate your notes at speed.
Anyone want to buy my ADA MP-1? I'm the original owner...
Great preamp, btw. I've owned several. I love the chorus on the classic MP-1.

From: Travis Hartnett <travishartnett@gmail.com>
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Yeah, but you probably also can't play your articulate clean ideas with much heavier strings and higher action than you're currently using--does that mean that your current instrument setup (whatever it might be) is generating an illusion of technique?  I don't think so.  

Whatever tools make it easiest to produce your desired end result, by all means, use those, but the whole "make the young bucks play through a clean amp" thing doesn't make sense to me.  Is anyone surprised when that sort of playing doesn't sound great through the wrong amp settings?


On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 2:58 PM, Krispen Hartung <info@krispenhartung.com> wrote:
Yes, I understand where you are coming from, and they seem like  valid points.  Though the points I made still stand true to my own evolution as a guitarist.  High gain generated an elusion of technicality that could not be re-produced with clean tone, regardless of who it touched, whether it was miced, or any of the separate skills required to play the electric with high gain (which I fully understand, having played the electric for almost 30 years). And I am sure I can sit down with 10 young bucks walking on the streat who play screamin' licks on the electric, and test my theory with a clean tone.    /K