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Re: Norwich Looping Video

On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 3:25 PM, Jeff Duke <jeff_d@embarqmail.com> wrote:
> Nice Andy, would you mind sharing those "special (sync) techniques"? I 
>use a
> cheapo (Flip Ultra) camera but I record to my computer or minidisk. 
> it up for me is rather inexact. Any tips would be appeciated. Vimeo would
> keep the stereo btw.

I too have a very cheap camera, in fact my cell phone. But I use the
same method as Andy to sync video with audio, although with other
specific applications. Since I mostly use a Mac I do it like this:

1. Import the video into Logic (it comes up as a special "Video Track")
2. Import different audio to dedicated stereo tracks i Logic (crappy
cam audio, line-out recording from mixer console, eventual extra audio
I want to add.
3. Move stuff around along the time line in Logic to make it all sync.
4. Export a stereo mix of the refined audio.
5. Open the video in QuickTime Pro.
6. Import the new audio into QTP.

QuickTime Pro in stage 5-6 can be changed for iMove (a free software
that comes with every Mac) like:

5. Import Video into iMovie.
6. Import audio into iMovie.
7. Fiddle around with video cuts, graphic fades etc.
8. Export to a file in the video format of choice.

With iMovie I like the option you get to use clips of both video
filming and still pictures. It's a drag-n-drop canvas to mock up a
movie. I do not feel any urge to get a better camera, since I love
that crappy looking cell phone cam style, but I am tempted to get the
better video editing application Final Cut Pro.