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Re: uff!

I agree that Andre's work is an 'eye-opener' as you say, but I must admit 
i don't find his work 'musical' to my ears.  His glitch style is chock 
full of screeches, bleeps, and noise, shards of rhythms and alienating 
textures. I just picture myself seeing one of his performances with my 
wife, and her giving me that look that says "i need you to get me out of 
here or i'm going to have a massive migraine."

no disrespect.  Andre has amazing technique and is light years ahead of 
where i'll ever be as a 'live looper'.

different strokes for different folks.


---- Buzap Buzap <buzap@gmx.net> wrote: 
> Brilliant - just LOVE it!
> To me, listening to Andre Lafosse' stuff was really an eye-opener...
> Personally, I use the looper as a tool mostly - but he has really fully 
>embraced it as a truly musical instrument...
> thanks
> Buzap
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