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Re: OT: live/firebox/kaoss pad problems (not sure which but something'swrong)

Nick wrote:
> Rainer,
> thanks for the advice. it seems the problem occurs somewhere between
> the input into the firebox and ableton live reading the input. as that
> is the only program I have that lets me choose the input channels, im
> not sure how to determine if the issue is hardware or software. also,
> I reinstalled the firmware on the firebox and restarted my imac and no
> change.
> actually, I just tested the firebox connected to my macbook pro with a
> fresh install of ableton and a mic plugged in to input line 3 (where
> the pad previously was) and it's still at about 10% input volume.

that seems to be working perfectly then,
you won't get a lot of volume plugging a mic into a line socket.

> Unless there's a control for the input volume on the firebox (which I
> don't see for the line ins) should I assume the box's inputs are
> broken all of a sudden?
> is there any way for me to test to see if the box's hardware is broken
> for sure, other than the deductive logic I just used to conclude that?

you're logic is good,
but your apparent assumption that you should get a good strong signal 
a mic into a line socket would lead to the wrong conclusion.

Try a line source that you know to be working, with a lead
that you know to be working.

Or try the Kaos pad and it's lead into some other device to checkit


> Thanks,
> Nick