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Re: Live Looping in an ensemble context

I have frequently done bits of looping in improvising groups, sometimes 
other people using loops, but usually not. The thought of being synced to 
some one else terrifies me, though. I will have to give it a go one day, 
just for the experience...

What I find challenging sometimes, if I get a loop going in an ensemble, 
finding a way to get out of the loop. Sometimes there is an opportune 
to just stop the loop and launch into something else. On other occasions I 
find myself just fading the loop out, which can feel a bit lame to me, not 
that other musicians I have played with have ever complained. It would be 
interesting to hear how others deal with this.

I fine
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I guess a lot of people do...

What I'd be really interested in:

To sync or not to sync...
THAT is the question... ;-)