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Re: OT SANTA CRUZ site of the Y2K9 International Live Looping Festival

In a message dated 12/11/08 10:18:16 PM, ParadoxQuine@gmail.com writes:

Please do start a house for live looping in SC :P

i've been reading NEAL STEVENSON'S "ANATHAM", very enjoyable, and i was just visited by a dear old friend from the way back.....we had spent 5 years together in a CARMELITE monastery.....we were speaking about the joys of community living and how we both missed this way of life.....i had mentioned to mickey that the LD community was something that gave me a sense of the "good ol days", one for all, all for one!.....so all of these "monastic" thoughts made me think, rather than a home for old loopers, we could start a LOOPASTERY, where old loopers would be reveared and young loopers would raise food and keep the solar panels clean.....in my minds eye, i see, billy bob walker and i being in charge of the kitchen because we "clean as we go" an essential of happy food prep.....daily musical services, courses on LOOPOLOGY, trying to mend the lappy/hardware schism, verily, even attempting to bring peace to the PC/APPLE devide.....our work would be long and hard but the rewards of seeing the bright unbelieving smiles of both children and crusty ol folk on hearing their first LOOPS and indeed, the rapture of creating their very first LOOP.....oh my!.....the overwhelming amount of scootola that will be garnished with monster cd sales, the funds collected at the NEVER ENDING LOOP CHAPEL, the festivals and shows created by our world traveling missionaries (LOOPANARIES).....can you imagine the "STUDIO" that would be created.....so many blinky lites, so many boops and beeps, the mind boogles.....no more, "DAD! turn that shit down!".....families could visit for a fee.....and yes robes! with built in hoodies!.....all made from "bucky tube" fiber, of course, so that we can all be walking actualizations, both visually and audially of our LOOP ESSENCE.....AND COFFEE, oceans and oceans of coffee.....:)m

"EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG".....firesign theater

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